Quality Construction and Features
A heavy frame of extruded aluminum – Far superior to plastic or pressed metal frames for strength and durability

Steel reinforced corners – Adds even more strength to our heavy extruded frame

King Starboard® polymer security cover – King Starboard® is used in marine applications as well as security and other industrial applications and is designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

Zinc Alloy Cover Removal Knob – For ease of use in operating the cover whether top or side loading. The ergonomic design of the knob is especially useful for older people with arthritis or when the door is located in a hard to reach area.

PVC vinyl flaps – Most Hale™ Pet Doors come standard with two separate flaps for maximum energy efficiency and protection from wind, unwanted animals and insects.

Alnico magnets – Alnico magnets are made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron. They are much stronger and longer lasting than graphite magnets.

Nylon pile weather-stripping – Aids greatly in the energy efficiency of our doors and gives added protection from insect intrusion.

Aluminum tunnel – All Hale™ Wall Model pet doors come with a heavy .040 aluminum tunnel which connects the inside frame to the outside frame.

Carpeting – All Hale™ Wall Model pet doors come with mold and mildew resistant olefin nylon carpet that covers the sides and bottom between the pet door flaps.

Glass – The glass used in Hale™ doors is double pane insulated tempered glass standard. Our single pane in glass model, and storm window replacement model all use single pane tempered glass.

Pin Lock – Our positive action pin lock is attached to the frame rather than the security cover itself as in many other pet doors. This prevents the lock from being opened from the outside.

Strikes – Our custom designed strikes are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting and discoloration of the flaps from the strikes. They line up with the Alnico magnets in the door frame to provide a weather tight seal around the flap of the pet door.

Hale™ Size Chart

Flap Size
Flap Dimension
Rough Cut Out
Outside Frame Dimension
Flap Type
5 1/2"w x 7 1/2"h
7 3/8"w x 9 3/8"h
8 3/8"w x 10 3/8"h
Small Medium
6 1/2"w x 9 1/2"h
8 1/2"w x 11 1/2"h
9 9/16"w x 12 9/16"h
8 1/2"w x 12 1/2"h
10 1/2"w x 14 1/2"h
11 9/16"w x 15 3/8"h
Tall Medium
8 1/2"w x 16"h
10 1/2"w x 18"h
11 9/16"w x 19 1/16"h
11"w x 16"h
13"w x 18"h
14 1/16"w x 19 1/16"h
Tall Large
11"w x 19 1/2"h
13"w x 21 5/8"h
14 1/16"w x 22 9/16"h
Tall Large Plus
11"w x 23 1/2"h
13"w x 25 5/8"h
14 1/16"w x 26 9/16"h
Extra Tall Large
11"w x 27 1/2"h
13"w x 29 5/8"h
14 1/16"w x 30 9/16"h
Extra Large
14"w x 19 1/2"h
16"w x 21 5/8"h
17 1/16"w x 22 9/16"h
Extra Large Plus
14"w x 23 1/2"h
16"w x 25 5/8"h
17 1/16"w x 26 9/16"h
15 1/2"w x 27 1/2"h
17 5/8"w x 29 5/8"h
18 9/16"w x 30 9/16"h